Welcome to Punjab State Commission for NRI’s

Punjab is a vibrant and progressive state inhabited by goal-driven people. With their unyielding attitude and perseverance, they have proved their mettle across the globe and made the world take notice of them. Back home, they have also contributed to the coffers of Punjab by pitching in generous amounts of foreign currency for better civic amenities, development works and charitable causes.


And while Punjabi NRIs have adapted to new lifestyles in foreign lands, they have always been found to be deeply connected to their roots. However, the link and retention of their ties with their families and friends in India and abroad often finds expression in issues relating to immigration, nationality, matrimony, inter parental child removal, spousal maintenance, division of matrimonial property, inter country adoptions, succession and inheritance, illegal migration, poor job conditions, tenancy of Indian property and surrogacy arrangements, to name a few.


Taking note of such problems of Punjabi NRIs, the Punjab State Commission for NRIs was constituted under the Punjab State Commission for Non-resident Indians Act, 2011 (Punjab Act No. 33 of 2011) as notified in the Punjab Gazette dated 29.11.2011 with a view to protect and safeguard the interests of NRIs in the state of Punjab, and to recommend remedial measures for their welfare and for the matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

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